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Power Health Fleriana Room Perfume Gardenia 250ml

Product code: 26627
Power Health Fleriana Room Perfume Gardenia 250ml

New natural Gardenia room perfume

It is important to know what we put our house. But most important, is to use products incurred more us and the environment. Contains only essential oils and water, do not contain propellants or synthetic additives. easily recycled. They bring home the scent of nature, in a mixture of essential oils. The dissolution of the essential oils in water without the use of chemical galaktomatopoiiton- dialymatopoiiton is an extremely painful process. With technology developed specifically for these products but also by tighter control of the production fleriana brings nature home. Unadulterated, clean, pure ... fleriana.

It will not stain fabrics
environmentally friendly (without propellants)
Shake gently before use

Ingredients: Water, gardenia extract, natural emulsifier

Keep away from children.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Avoid swallowing.
May cause allergic reaction

Developed and produced in Greece (Greek product)

Content - Packing: 250 ml

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