Power Health Mastident Mouthwash 250ml

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Mouthwash company Power Health.

This is a natural mouthwash Mastident, containing mastic and basil. Used for daily oral hygiene, which is an important case.

/oral-care-c-216.htmlis well known product, mainly due to the properties of against germs. Thanks to these antimicrobial properties, contributes significantly to reduce the appearance of plaque, tooth decay and bad breath, while inhibiting their creation. On the other hand, basil, because of the astringent and tonic properties enhances the health of the gums and gives you fresh and fresh breath and taste.

The oral solution contains Mastident even, combining natural ingredients, such as sage, myrrh, aloe and betaine, which are severely restricting inflammation of the gums, providing protection against sensitive teeth and have healing properties. As a natural sweetener used in the composition of the stevia plant. Suitable for homeopathy.

It contains: alcohol, pigments, fluorine, preservatives and sles.

Instructions: Fill a lid solution and make a mouthwash for a few seconds. Do not swallow the product. Do not allow the use of children under 3 years.

The packaging containing 250 ml of product.

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