Power Health XS Green Tea 20 Eff. Tabs + Gift Pineapple with Vitamin B 12 20 Eff. Tabs

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The XS green tea of Power Health is a dietary supplement with green tea extract (Camellia sinensis) and vitamin C. The extract from green tea, yields 50% polyphenols, substances that make it popular for its properties. The vitamin C It contains helps:
• The smooth functioning of metabolic processes aiming at the production of energy *
• Protecting cells from oxidative stress *
• The normal formation of collagen for the smooth functioning of the skin *

and gift
Dietary supplement with pineapple and vitamin B12, exotic, delicious, delicious, enjoyable, this fruit has been linked to the summer. Pineapple is rich in proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain, vitamins, minerals and fiber. The pineapple from Power Health gives you the benefits of pineapple and vitamin B12 in a dietary supplement that will excite you. Vitamin B12 helps in the smooth functioning of metabolic processes that aim to produce energy, reduce fatigue and fatigue, as well as the smooth functioning of the nervous system *.

Dietary supplement, metabolism boost.

Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.
If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, receiving pharmaceutical preparations or having health problems, advise your doctor before taking this formulation.

* These are official health claims by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

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50 ml

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