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Primavera Honey Extract Organic 5ml

Product code: 24656
Primavera Honey Extract Organic 5ml

Primavera Honey (Extract) Bio 5ml

Honey (Extract)
(Honeycomb Oil)

Latin name: Mellis

Honey extract in alcohol solution derived from honey and beeswax.
It offers a warm and sweet fragrance that can be use as children's perfume or balancing.
With honey extract controlled biological origin.
Properties: antitussive, soothing, expectorant, antibacterial and antifungal.
The beneficial properties of honey have been known since ancient times, in addition to the above properties has activity against infections and allergies, today many studies have further highlighted the beneficial effect in other areas of health and to holistic products.
The Primavera guarantees that during the production of Primavera Honey (Extract) Bio has carried any experiments on animals.
Caution: Keep the Primavera Honey (Extract) Bio away from children, do not become ingestion of the product, keep it in a cool place.

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