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Health Plus Licener Shampoo 100ml


The LICENER - Single Treatment is an innovative new product in the form of shampoos to treat lice and nits with a single use ( treatment).

The LICENER is based on natural active ingredients «Neem-extract». The mode of action is based on the mechanical action. The extract of Neem- enters the respiratory system of lice and reaches the end of tracheolis ( oxygen transfer channel ) . The water flow in the blocked tracheoles LICENER and it disrupts the transport of oxygen , resulting louse not getting enough oxygen and thus lead to death. In the same way are eliminated and nits , after the LICENER has broken the protective shield of the egg.


The LICENER is very easy and quick to use , because it required a single shampooing for 10 minutes. No further application , either before or after its use.


It is not toxic and irritating to the skin, no insecticides , silicones and parabens ( dermatologically tested ) .

The LICENER is 100 % effective in killing lice and nits using clinical tests that have been made «in-vitro» and «in-vivo» conditions ( clinically tested ) .