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Saltic Himalayan Crystal Soap

Product code: 29654
Saltic Himalayan Crystal Soap

The Himalayan salt soap is rich in all the beneficial ingredients contained in the salt Saltic, which offers directly to our skin!
Make your usual shower to remove the impurities of the day and then apply to skin that is wet the Saltic soap. As you apply it feel the activation of your skin from the valuable ingredients that the SOAP offers!
The unsurpassed combination of trace elements, the congestion that is caused to the skin and exfoliation optimises its effects, such as against the dull and unpunctuated appearance of the skin, relaxation, cellulite, dilated pores, acne, The elimination of toxins.
Other uses: for disinfecting and stopping blood from cuts, use as a hot water bottle or pagofora, on hemorrhoids etc.
After use you have the ability to use the face and body mask to maximize and "lock" the benefits that you have received on your skin!

Himalayan Salt soap, cleansing, body and face.

Before use check for any small protruding pieces of salt granules that may be engraved slightly, if you spot one simply dampen the soap and remove it with your fingernail. After use, leave the soap on a dry surface to aired adequately. This way you will lengthen the life of your soap.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.


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