Sci-MX 100% ULTRAGEN WHEY PROTEIN 908gr Strawberry

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The 100% Whey Protein Sci-MX''s consists of a specially treated mixture of isolated and concentrated whey protein, providing the highest biological value protein. When used as a supplement to the 100% Whey Protein of Sci-MX, achieves the optimal rate of nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, ensuring optimal response of muscle strength.

For body builders and power athletes is crucial to a very high concentration of amino acids BCAA, which are found in whey protein. Amino acids BCAA (L-leucine, L isoleucine and L-valine) make up approximately one third of the total protein containing the human muscle tissue.

The micro-filter is an innovative process used in the manufacture of 100% Whey Protein of Sci-MX. This process protects the integrity of the protein, which in any case will be destroyed by high heat. Using modern technology and the proven benefits of research on the protein offers the body builder and power athlete a huge advantage of speed and efficiency to create lean muscle volume, the reconstruction and rehabilitation.


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