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Over the last decade, the beneficial effect of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) on human health have been widely studied and has proven to be effective in weight control. Many studies have shown that CLA can help to obtain lean muscle mass, reduce fat storage.

The specially designed mixture of CLA Ultralean 1000 Sci-MX contains the highest concentration of two active isomers CLA, the c9-t11 & the t10-c12, which are recognized as key factors reducing stored body fat and maintaining lean muscle mass. Moreover, the CLA Ultralean 1000''s Sci-MX has been shown to reduce many of the adverse effects of low calorie diet, such as irritable nerves and depression.

CLA is an incredibly strong natural source of beneficial omega-6 fatty acids. According to recent scientific research, CLA blocking mechanism for storing fat in the body, stimulates the body to burn stored fat by converting it into energy and maintain muscle tissue.

The CLA has been shown to inhibit the process responsible for the storage of body fat and directs the body to burn fat stores as fuel energy. Other studies have also shown the effect of CLA to significantly lower cholesterol. Completion of dietary CLA Ultralean 1000 contributes to the acquisition of lean and healthy body.

160 Softgels

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