Sci-MX OMNI-MX 1.68kg Strawberry

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The ultimate all-in one formula. The Omni-MX inspired by the Latin word "omni" means all, or has ever tested and proven ingredients that help build muscle, the panel lines and performance in sports. The Omni-MX is a new generation all-in-one product that combines the most effective ingredients to build lean, toned muscles.

The Omni-MX prevent confusion by providing a perfect blend of combined structural components that are tried and tested. Only two servings a day provide the optimal amounts of GRS-S protein blend, creatine monastery founders, IMV, BCAA, glutamine, glycine and taurine. The ekntisteroni, a known T-impulsive and Bioperine included to ensure absorption of all ingredients. The Omni-MX contains only 18gr carbs per serving, which helps creatine transport and replenishment of energy without adding fat, and is also rich in dietary fiber.

The Omni-MX is definitely a superior all-in-one product is low in fat and easily digestible. Available in delicious flavors and mix easily with water, giving a strong and delicious drink. The Omni-MX means no cases, no more confusion, just the results you want.

1,68 kg

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