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Servier Cedraflon Cream 75ml

Product code: 30152
Servier Cedraflon Cream 75ml

The refreshing Cedraflon cream is prepared by the Citron of Corsica, which is carefully selected from the French island of Corsica, also known as the jewel of the Mediterranean. The white fragrant flower of the citrus tree produces a large oval fruit with dense and embossed rind. It is collected between the months of September and November just before its maturation when it still has a bright green color.
The rejuvenating Cedraflon foot cream has a delicate texture, is subtly scented and leaves the skin hydrated and soft, while with its refreshing direct effect it relieves the feeling of tired feet. It is not greasy and leaves no traces, so you can use it every moment of the day to give you comfort and relaxation.

Cream for lightweight legs, moisturizes, cools, relieves.

Apply the cream with light upward movements from the ankle to the middle of the thigh. Repeat up to four times a day, if necessary. After application wash your hands. Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.
Do not use after 12 months after the first opening.


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