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Bema Breast Plus Intensive (4 weeks treatment)


Breast Plus Intensive (4 weeks treatment).

Thirty minutes of treatment per week for 4 weeks in the long run, help the bodice to regain your lift, fill and intensification that was in its heyday. The results of the tightness of the filling and the stimulus brings the cream and serum breast plus, results already established, is to support and enhance the breast mask, which activates microcirculation and tightens the skin.

Tested and certified by the University of Ferrara.

The Breast Plus package contains:

8x20g bags mask.

1x50ml tube of cream.

Serum 4x5ml ampoules.

1 oz (30ml).

1 spatula.

1 leaflet.

Immediate results visible on first use. Intense, long lasting results!