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Hellenic Aloe Body Sculpture Gel 150ml


Hellenic Aloe Body Sculpture Gel 150ml

The Hellenic Aloe Body Sculpture Gel 150ml Cellulite enhances microcirculation and reduces local fat accumulation and visibly improving significantly the appearance of the skin. It is suitable and ideal for everyday use, and thanks to the active ingredients restores skin firmness and with daily use can catabolism up to twice the amount of localized fat. It has preventive action and intervene itself to an existing local fat problem.

Active ingredients:
The E-viniferine from Grape, is 30 times more potent than caffeine as it enhances lipolysis.
The lipase is a valuable amino acid contained in the aloe and facilitates the breakdown and absorption of fat.
The escin stimulates microcirculation and reduces water accumulation and unwanted swelling in the area.

Instructions for use :
Apply wiping with gentle circular movements as if to massage 1-2 times a day a small amount to the area where needed (eg hips, belly etc.) until completely absorbed. It absorbs quickly and does not stain clothes.

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