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Somatoline Cosmetic Belly & Hips Express 150ml


Treatment belly and hips from somatoline cosmetic.


Is a cosmetic cream specially formulated to weaken and sculpt a specific manner the abdomen, waist and hips, with a gradual release mechanism that extends the slimming effect even after the massage.
Recommended in women with accumulated fat in the abdomen and hips. Also addressed at men who wish to address the accumulated local fat in the abdomen and waist.

With new enhanced formulation is more concentrated in active cosmetic ingredients. It works best with only one application per day compared to a common slimming cream. Assists in non-recurrence of localized fat, with long-term effectiveness even after the end of treatment.

To Somatoline Cosmetic Treatment Belly and Hips contains exclusive ReduxAdvance-complex, a complex of natural micro - particles composed of marine algae and active cosmetic ingredients, enriched with natural extract of young shoots fig. The combination of these active ingredients causing a cryo-thermal effect (sensation "zestou- cold") that induces subcutaneous microcirculation, facilitating decompression of tissue liquid that is unnecessary and improves skin tonicity. The brown algae help to reduce the accumulated local thickness.

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