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Somatoline Cosmetic Man Treatment Belly - Middle 7 Nights 250ml


Somatoline Cosmetic Man Action Belly - Average 7 nights.

Decreases in only seven nights a region up to 1,4 cm and has a rapid absorption.
The Somatoline Cosmetic Man Action Belly - Average 7 nights is a cream - emulsion with ease of use and quick action that the first results become visible in 7 nights. It has activity in standard scaling fat zones to the man: "life jacket" and abdomen with only one application at night, taking advantage of the skin''s receptivity night.

Contains in its composition the exclusive MenRedux7-complex ™, a complex with a high concentration of active ingredients targeted multifunctional slimming effect, contains an activator of thermogenesis that:
facilitates reducing the accumulated local thickness and in this way facilitates the process of lipolysis
activating the microcirculation of the skin, thereby enhancing the slimming effect.

> Men with localized fat in the abdomen and waistline needing intensive treatment, rapid absorption results in only 7 nights.
> Men with little free time for physical exercise (sports).

instructions for use
Apply every night before bedtime, for about 7 nights in the treatment areas. Massage in circular motion for enhanced absorption and action of the product. Doubling in effect continue for four weeks treatment.