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Somatoline Cosmetic Natural Slimming Gel 250ml


Somatoline Cosmetic Natural slimming gel is a weakening activity in 4 weeks. It reduces the accumulated thickness by up to 53%. The scientific research of Somatoline Cosmetic created Natural Gel Slimming with 95% natural ingredients. The new composition contains NaturalRedux-complex ™, with a high concentration of natural ingredients that treat the local thickness, decongests excess fluid and improves the tonicity of the skin.
Clinical measurement evaluations have shown that with continuous and correct use and application massages, the product:
✔ Reduces the circumference by up to 3.1 cm (average level in the hips)
✔ decongests excess fluid
✔ limits the accumulated thickness up to 53% (mean thigh level)
✔ enhances the tonality of the skin.

Without silicones, parabens and paraffins

Women with accumulated, superficial local fat in the hip and thigh area.

Apply Somatoline Cosmetic Natural slimming gel every day for 4 weeks in the areas to be treated.

* Clinical measurement with organs compared to placebo in 82 women.
** Average in 82 women: 3.1 cm. Measure the decrease of the circumference on the hips.

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250 ml