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Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming Intensive Night 7, 250ml


Somatoline cosmetic 7 nights

Intensive slimming 7 Nights

The first results are reduced to 1, 7cm in just seven nights!
Overly intensive treatment slimming rapid action.
The slimming product''s ability Somatoline cosmetic 7 nights doubled after one month !!
New enhanced synthesis the Somatoline cosmetic 7 nights with triple slimming action for even faster results.

1) Action Lipolytic
It facilitates the reduction of localized fat accumulated in the body.
2) Action Decongestant
Helps decongest the excess fluid
3) Action Antissyssoreftiki
Prevents the creation of new fat accumulation

The products of Somatoline Cosmetic constitute an innovative and comprehensive range of products that help local, fast and effective weight loss and fat burning. Thanks to rigorous scientific research and specialized controls ensure quality in every product.

Action time Somatoline cosmetic
The first results are visible within the first 7 nights.
The effectiveness of the product is doubled within 4 weeks.