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Somatoline Cosmetic Treatment Abdominal Top Definition Sport, 200ml


Somatoline Cosmetic Treatment Abdominal Top Definition Sport, 200ml

Enhances lineage up to 29% and lead to weight loss in the abdominal to 4 weeks. It is suitable during exercise.
The Somatoline Cosmetic Man Abdominal Treatment Top Definition Sport is a new, rapidly absorbable cosmetic gel, designed to contribute to the reduction of localized fat accumulated in man and stimulate lineage in the region of the abdominal, helping to highlight the muscles. The new composition makes it resistant to sweat and water, making it ideal to use during exercise.
In the composition of the MenDefinitionSport-complex, an active cosmetic complex enriched with carnitine, caffeine and creatine, which combined with the massage application presents a dual action:

> Helps reduce the accumulated surface localized fat
> Acts in the skin tissues, restoring elasticity and their tone.

recommended for
> Men with relaxation of the skin and limited localized fat in the abdomen.
> Men "Sports" type seeking to boost abdominals and highlighting the results achieved with physical exercise.

instructions for use
Apply an amount on the treatment areas corresponding to the size of a walnut 2 times a day, making a circular massage movements until complete absorption. Recommended to maximize slimming and tonic action of the application before exercise. Continue for 4 consecutive weeks of treatment. Regular use after 4 weeks helps to maintain the results.

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