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Belkos Svelt Legging L-XL/44-48


Belkos Svelt Legging L-XL/44-48

New slimming clothes Belkos SVELT!
Fit comfortably with stylish clothes that you can wear in the gym until the night out!

The belkos svelt a leader in smart clothes cosmetics. Excellent quality with minimal seams and uniform appearance. The yarns used contain embedded cosmetic substances * in a microencapsulated form. These are released gradually into the skin during continuous use of the garment for eight hours a day.
The results are visible after 30 days of use.

* Active ingredients:
Caffeine - Lipolytic action
Retinole - Improves skin texture
ceramides - acts like cement, helping intracellular binding, and it improves skin texture making firmer
Vitamin E - Antioxidant activity and role in collagen synthesis
Essential fatty acids - nourishing action, protects, softens, rejuvenates and restores skin elasticity
Aloe - improves microcirculation with vasoconstrictor

Country of origin: Spain

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