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Lanes Kcaligram Glucomannan 500gr 60caps


Lanes Kcaligram Glucomannan 500gr 60caps


Indications: Dietary Supplement, weight loss


The Lanes Kcaligram Glucomannan, a nutritional supplement containing glucomannan, a 100% natural ingredient derived from Konjac mannan plant.

The glucomannan is a soluble fiber, with the capacity to absorb a large amount of water so as to form a physical gel, which creates a feeling of satiety resulting in uptake of smaller amount of food and therefore fewer calories.

The glucomannan in accordance with the results of numerous studies has been approved by the European Commission for Food Safety (EFSA), as an ingredient that helps in weight loss within energy-restricted diet. A prerequisite for the above result is at least 3gr glucomannan consumption on a daily basis in three installments of 1gr each, along with 2 glasses of water before each meal. According to studies, the daily intake 4gr glucomannan helps to maintain normal levels of cholesterol in the blood.


recommended Dosage

3 times per day (i.e. morning, noon and evening), received 2 capsules with two cups of water, one hour before a meal, i.e. six capsules throughout the day.



Keep Kcaligram Glucomannan cool and dry place away from children.

Do not use without medical advice: Pregnant, lactating women receiving medication, children.


barcode: 5201314079965


Content: 60 vegetable capsules.

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