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Nature''s Plus Synaptalean 60 Tabs Weight Loss Formula


The SynaptaLean is a truly revolutionary product that acts strokes and facilitate successful weight loss mainly through suppression of increased appetite and bulimia. It is a unique combination of ingredients that increase metabolism and decrease body fat, providing energy and vitality.

According to studies, Synaptose, the main active ingredient of the product, helps build and maintain brain neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins) to normal levels, thus providing a sense of satisfaction and fullness, while reducing stress and stress, contributing to the good mood and wellbeing. Fortified with chromium picoline that regulates blood glucose levels and fights the desire for sweets.

The SynaptaLean is a natural dietary supplement that helps you lose excess pounds, well and healthy. Formulated with special herbs, fruits and vegetables, which support the proper functioning of the brain, stimulates the body, offering powerful antioxidant protection, enhance memory, concentration and the body''s defenses and improve your performance.

The SynaptaLean based in over 18 clinical studies conducted by researchers from prestigious universities and is the ideal weight loss product, especially for those who have repeatedly tried to lose weight permanently and failed.

60 Tablets

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