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SKU 28091

Dukan Oat Bars Gluco-D with Caramel Flavor 120g


The Dukan diet was named after the French doctor Pierre Dukan who created it. A diet based on the consumption of proteins, lean dairy products and limited carbohydrate intake.
Dukan GLUCO-D oat bars are rich in fiber and protein. They give a feeling of satiety and are full of all the nutrients of oatmeal. They have a delicious taste, a soft tender texture and a feeling of satiety. Dukan GLUCO-D oats do not contain any added sugar or fat, flour or other cereals except oat bran, which has the extraordinary power of absorption. Absorbs up to 25 times the volume of water, creating a natural feeling of fullness and satiety.

Why oat bars differ:
• They contain oats, are rich in protein and fiber
• Only 93 calories Per bar
• They contain no sugar or fat.
• Without flour or other cereals.
• In individual packs for enjoyment at any time.
• Unique flavors in soft & tender texture.

Keep it in a shady, cool place.
Overdose may cause laxative effects.

4 bars total weight 120g