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My Elements Gum 4 Slimming 10pcs


Gum4 slimming: a nutritional supplement in the form of chewing gum to increase saturation, without sugar and with a fresh mint flavor. Rubber slimming offers those ingredients that help increase saturation and at the same time help control appetite. At the same time, they are extremely useful in maintaining the body line at normal and healthy levels. Within 10 minutes, the active ingredients of gum4slimming are released and rapid absorption and immediate results are achieved. It has practical packaging so that it is easy to carry and further consistency in use.
Myelements gum4 slimming chewing gum:
• contain specific ingredients such as Garcinia Gambogia and Bitter Orange with specific activity in strengthening metabolism
• help maintain the silhouette at healthy and normal levels
• help in limiting and controlling appetite to enhance the feeling of saturation
• have immediate action as they release nearly 100% of their ingredients within 10 ''
• Ideal for those who want to improve their line with maximum results when combined with a balanced diet

Ingredients: 3 chewing gums offer: Nursing 250mg offering coflurin 15mg, Gymnon 39mg, Garcinia Gaborian 120mg, Griffon 7,5mg
Does not contain: sugar, gluten, salt, lactose.

Instructions for use
Chew for at least 10 minutes 1 chewing gum, 1 to 3 times a day.

Content: 10 chewing gums