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Stretch Marks
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Derma-Line Ragatel Cream For Stretch Marks 150ml


Derma-Line Ragatel Cream For Stretch Marks 150ml

Innovative formula with bio-peptides and 16 more specialized ingredients

Stretch marks are an atrophic scar that occurs due to sudden stretching of the skin.


Stretch marks often appear on the skin:




a) During the period of pregnancy,


b) sudden weight changes,


c) surges of puberty


d) to dehydration


e) an inherited predisposition


f) In the medication with cortisone


g) to exogenous factors.


The appearance of stretch marks, plays an important role and the quality of the skin.


The cream RAGATEL specific for Stretch Marks (Stripes).


Contains 17 substances including to Regestril is


Assigned Viopeptidio which reduces the depth range of the color streaking.


Axana skin thickness in signs.


H RAGATEL cream at the same time increases the production of collagen and elastin

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