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Stretch Marks
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GANDOUR SIMULCIUM g3 Grooved Pregnancy, puberty and weight loss.

It prevents the creation of striations during pregnancy, puberty and diet to 70% faster cell renewal, increasing skin elasticity.
Prevents the creation of cellulite, the division and limiting the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, creating new connective tissue of elastin and collagen, giving skin strength.
Contains organic silicone, ivy extract, seaweed extract and hypoallergenic emulsion.

HOW TO USE: It is recommended by dermatologists - Gynecologists
Two applications a day from the 3rd month of pregnancy until birth. After the pregnancy once a day to prevent loosening.
One application per day from the 13th to the 16th year of age.
Weight loss:
Two applications a day, throughout the constant diet.
In all cases the application is made in the abdomen, chest, buttocks and the waist.