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Stretch Marks
SKU 22313

Miriam Quevedo A-Helix Advanced Renewal Stretch Mark Cream 200ml


Cream prevention against stretch marks and skin renewal
For all skin types tend to get stretch marks or lack thereof. Suitable to renew dry, ruined skin.
Discover a new, gentle relief for areas with stretch marks or tend to create them. Let your body be delivered in a silky delight thanks to the condensed components SuperStretchMarksComplex, ReaffirmingMolecularFilm, Dragon''sBloodkai SecretionsofHelixAspersaMyllerpou protect connective tissue from relaxation, help exalipsi of existing stretch marks and restore the skin''s elasticity by preventing the creation of new ones.
Enriched with SheaButter, RoseHipSeedOil, OrganicRuscuskai GrapeSeedExtarct, based ThermalWaterpou helps combatting dryness and aging skin by protecting and nourishing the attribute that velteionoun appearance. Soft and refreshed skin that reveals its beauty.
Ideal for use during periods of fluctuations in body weight.