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Solgar Brewer’s Yeast With Vitamin B-12 500mg, 250tabs

Product code: 1856
Solgar Brewer’s Yeast With Vitamin B-12 500mg, 250tabs

General tonic supplement for all ages.


The Brewer 's Yeast with vitamin B-12 of Solgar company is a product of high quality natural yeast from barley and wheat and supplied with vitamin B-12.


> Positive effect on the decomposition of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, by supplying the body with energy.
> Keeps the muscles used for digestion and contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system.
> Equips the body with energy to perform its internal metabolic functions.
> It strengthens the muscles and stimulates the body, making it a product suitable for athletes.
> Thanks to the feeling of fullness it provides, helps with weight control.
> It affects the health of nails and hair and good skin appearance.

Brewer's yeast: used in the fermentation of sugars into alcohol during the manufacture of beer. Over the centuries has been used by traditional medicine, due to the high content of vitamin B, amino acids and minerals. Contains a high percentage of carbohydrates, 14 minerals and 17 vitamins. It is a source of B complex vitamins and is rich in minerals. Characterized as one of the best sources of chromium, but also a source of RNA, which prevents degenerative diseases and slow the aging process.

WITHOUT: dairy products, soy, artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.


Administered in tablet form.
Contains 250 tablets.
Take 1-6 tablets a day with meals.
Suitable for vegetarians.

CAUTION! Do not downloaded in situations kantidiasis and fungal infections.

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