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Solgar Omega 3-6-9 60s

Product code: 1815
Solgar Omega 3-6-9 60s

Food supplement with fatty acids Omega 3-6-9.

The Solgar Omega 3-6-9 is a mixture of essential fatty acids with a high biological value from fish oils, flax and borage, which have not been treated. Produced by the company Solgar.

Solgar Omega 3-6-9 provides an ideal ratio of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, through the combination of fish oil, linseed oil and borage oil, containing.

Solgar Omega 3-6-9, thanks to the essential fatty acids:

♦ Maintains the health of vision.
♦ Keeps a normal level of cholesterol in the blood.
♦ Promotes brain health and functions.
♦ contributes to the realization of a healthy skin.
♦ It treats the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
♦ Improves heart function.


It is only used in adults, in the form of soft capsules.
The product contains 60 soft capsules.
You can get 1-3 soft capsules daily as you dine.

CAUTION! No dietary supplement does not replace a healthy and balanced diet. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, you are taking any medication or suffer from a disease, ask your doctor for advice before taking the product.

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