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Spirulina Marcus Rohrer 180 + 60 tablets

Product code: 18884
Spirulina Marcus Rohrer 180 + 60 tablets

Spirulina by Marcus Rohrer®

Richest source of Nutrition
Spirulina is one of the richest and most complete sources of nutrition in the world. This spiral-shaped algae, although it is barely half a millimeter long, contains over 60 vital substances: vitamins and minerals, all of the essential amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes and antioxidants. Spirulina also contains high amounts of solar energy. Virtually everything you need for a healthy body and an active life.

Optimal quality
Spirulina by Marcus Rohrer® is made from the best quality Spirulina algae from Hawaii. To optimally protect the valuable nutritious substances and the stored sun energy, Marcus Rohrer’s Spirulina is exclusively packaged in VioSol® glass. Because of this Spirulina retains its natural power and stays fresh longer. A guarantee of optimal quality and effect!

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