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Frezyderm Crilen After Nip 30ml


Product Crilen After Nip is a soft gel which relieves irritated skin from insect bites and contact with jellyfish, jellyfish, the nettles and whoever else the body can cause irritations and reactions of dermatos.I recommendation from herbal extracts and active (Canadian Willowherb, Ageratum Conyzoides, Aloe Barbadensis) offers anti-inflammatory protection, soothes directly from irritation and itching and protects from molynseis.Prosferei safely and can be used from the first year of the child birth. It has no ammonia content, mint or kamfora.Episis, can be used safely during the day as it exhibits photosensitivity reactions.
Can be used by infants, children and adults afova.Na used immediately after being bitten.

Suitable for those homeopathic treatment.

For external use only. Dermatologist tested.

How to Apply: Apply gently to the affected periochi. Repeat often use long as the irritation.

Ingredients: Panthenol, Glycyrrhetinic Acid, Polydocanol

30 ml tube