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Power Health Fleriana After Bite 30ml


For after the bite and anti-itching, for adults and children from 3 years.

Bites from mosquitoes, gnats, bees, jellyfish and other flying "summer visitors" that can afflict you. The Fleriana After Bite is the right solution for the active and direct control at all kinds of bites. The 100% natural composition with Xamomili, Aloe, Carapa, Poria Epilovio- Canadian Willowherb, Calendula, Arnica and a reed, reduces itching and reduces the swelling in the area, gives a mild antihistamine action, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. At the same time provides gentle local anesthesia while the astringent properties help in quick healing. The Fleriana After Bite is particularly apotelsmatika why is a special form of an emulsion upon contact with the affected area creates a protective film to remain in place without running the Fleriana After Bite has a unique flavor and is ideal for the whole family and for children from 3 years.

For external use only. Keep Fleriana After Bite, in shady and cool place, away from children.

Content - Packing: 30ml

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