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Burnshield Hydrogel 50ml


Burnshield Hydrogel.
The product is suitable for emergency care for burns, rash and burns resulting from solar radiation. Additionally, contribute to hydration of the area covered. Soothe and protect from infection generated and gives a feeling of freshness in the burn area, relieving. It absorbs and dissipates the heat and minimizes the burn. Natural antibacterial, relieves refrigerant, pain and reduces vibration. The product is not toxic and removal from the skin is easy as it does not stick nor adheres to the wound.
Apply a thick layer onto the burn 3-4 times daily. Do not wipe off. Cover with sterile gauze the burn area as necessary.
It is safe for use in children. This product is antibacterial and is irritating and toxic.
Contains Tea Tree Oil (Sterile / r).
The Burnshield Hydrogel, is readily available in pack of 50ml.

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