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After Sun
SKU 24364

Frezyderm Anti Thermal Water Mist 300ml


Frezyderm Anti Thermal Water Mist

Spray-mist person - the body that protects against aging and oxidative stress and relieves directly cooling the skin which is strained by the sun. Thanks to the innovative formula with Acacia, takes advantage of its properties to offer active cellular hydration.
With triple action for effective hydration through cell activation produced natural moisture (NMF), while activated by dehydration indicators to intensify moisture transfer in keratinocytes. At the same time extract from algae has excellent antioxidant activity, increasing with increasing temperature, so does the protection afforded against free radicals while strengthening the natural defenses of the skin.
Packaging of Anti Thermal Water Mist is airless with special valve for uniform continuous spraying and easy application.

Spray repeatedly evenly. If preceded by applying sunscreen the Anti Thermal Water Mist sprayed after 15 to 20 minutes.

Contains no Parabens