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After Sun
SKU 28285

Hydrovit Cooling Mousse 150ml


Innovative Refreshing Foam with Crackling Effect ™ technology.
• Relieves drastically from inflammation and edema (heavily tired feet), leaving a feeling of freshness with lasting.
• Cools and relieves skin after sun exposure (After Sun)
• Helps maintain skin moisture and provides strong antioxidant protection.

Innovative Crackling Effect
™ technology, in its application, releases millions of tiny bubbles that rattle until the product is fully absorbed, giving
• An unparalleled experience of freshness and coolness
• Rejuvenating effect that improves skin microcirculation
• Strong and immediate absorption of ingredients over common emulsions.

Available in closed container packaging:
- Longer life
- Safety of the product as it prevents oxidation & contamination

apply the product with circular movements in the areas it needs.

Innovative refreshing and moisturizing product in Mousse format

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

150 ml

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