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After Sun
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Klorane Polysianes Cream De Monoi 200ml


Cream against photoaging on the body.

The Klorane Polysianes Cream De Monoi is a cream, which spread across the surface of your body and gives you unparalleled beauty. Enriched with oil only and Morinda, which soften the skin and leave it silky, highlighting your tan.

The Monoi is a natural ingredient that is found in the composition of all products Polysianes series. The reception takes place during extraction of Tiare flowers in refined coconut oil. It has fatty acids in extremely high concentrations, which provide nutrition and hydration to the skin, protecting it from dryness during your sun exposure.

The Morinda constitutes component having healthy nutrients for the skin such as vitamin A, which builds the collagen of skin, vitamin C, which significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as well as therapeutic and antiinflammatory properties Vitamin E. Softens dry skin and retains the skin''s moisture.

Nourishes and gives rich hydration to the skin. Provides optimum protection to the skin against aging, after your sun exposure, and is an impediment to the emergence of the first signs of aging. The properties against aging cream Klorane Polysianes Cream De Monoi been studied in vitro in the product components in the tissue model in the final product.

The package contains 200 ml cream Klorane Polysianes Cream De Monoi.

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