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Insect Repellents
SKU 21420

Unipharma Repel Spray odorless mosquito repellent 100ml


Hydration & odorless protection against mosquitoes and other insects .

Plus we can ensure hydration and protection from insects, odorless !

The specialized laboratories Uni-Pharma created for you the Repel, a product which unlike many standard formulations , moisturize ( hyaluronic ) and simultaneously keeps insects away without smell in humans . Thus , we can use it together with the aroma , but also with our sunscreen .

The Repel insect repellent action lasting at least 6 hours and gives the skin the necessary protection from insect bites and all the risks that they pose .

The Repel is odorless , no preservatives and no parabens.

It is dermatologically tested and is suitable for children .

It spreads easily and is not greasy .

With active ingredient recommended by the World Health Organization  to avoid bites from our familiar insects ( mosquitoes , gnats , flies , bees , wasps ) and species one encounters when traveling in tropical countries .

It is very practical, and not greasy .

With Repel you are protected by the following insects : mosquitoes , gnats , fleas , ticks , flies , bees , wasps .

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