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SKU 11036

Fadopharm Inca Rose Maxi Bronze Sun Guanto Γάντι Αυτομαυρίσματος 3τμχ


Glove tanning.

This glove, which helps you to acquire a natural golden tan. It offers even tan all over the body area without creating discolorations. Your body shows considerably sunburnt, but have struggled with constant sunbathing. Your skin is not dehydrated, instead of the glove provides rich moisture, keeping the skin''s moisture in balance to normal.

Contains hyaluronic acid in the composition, which helps to cover fine lines and prevent the first signs of aging. The skin remains firm and elastic.
The polymer hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin, produced by fibroblasts, skin cells, and over time the amount of the body decreases. Has varied significantly high value functions such that holds moisture in the skin, repair tissues, absorbs shock and provides a protective barrier against microorganisms.

This glove helps create a uniform and natural tanning few hours after exposure to the sun or solarium. Prolongs the tan. The product composition contained tanning lotion, which is absorbed directly. This glove does not leave the skin greasy nor stains. We provide sun protection.

The package contains three (3) gloves tanning.