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Face Suncare
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Frezyderm Sun Screen Fluid-To-Powder Spf 50+,50ml


The Frezyderm Sun Screen Fluid-To-Powder SPF 50 + is a sunscreen liquid cream for the person who gives the benefits of vitamin D to the skin and restores the skin homeostasis. For extremely high protection and an unsurpassed sensation of powder.

Combats and protects against:

-Chronic dryness of the skin

-the inadequate functioning of the skin barrier

-Premature ageing


-Improvement of epidermal barrier


-Anti-ageing action

-Extremely high sun protection



Sunscreen liquid cream, very high protection, any type of skin, dry and with signs of photoaging skin.



Apply a sufficient amount (2mg/cm2) from the Frezyderm Sun Screen Fluid-To-Powder SPF 50 +. Refresh frequently. Avoid contact with eyes and fabrics.



For external use only.

Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.

Do not use after twelve (12) months after the first opening.



50 ml

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