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Face Suncare
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Frezyderm Sun Screen Mist SPF50


Frezyderm Sun Screen Mist SPF50

Frezyderm Sun Screen Mist SPF50 face sunscreen offering high sun protection with Mist texture for easy application without touching.Suitable for sensitive skins
Frezyderm Sun Screen Mist SPF50  an invisible cool mist for the face that protects against uv attacks everywhere and ever.Frezyderm Sunscreen Provides protection from UVB & UVA radiation, combats UV-induced oxidative stress, for a smooth and comfortable skin.It can also be used on the neck, behind the ears as well as over the makeup without damaging it
  • Εxternal use
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Sensitive skins
  • Strengthening, Soothing, Refreshing
  • Rapid Application
  • Water Resistant
Hypoallergenic composition for delicate skin, dermatologically tested. Protects the facial skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation. With a thin, non-greasy texture that does not polish, with fragrance.
Shake well before use. Spray uniformly from a distance of 15 cm from the face. Do not apply for more than three seconds in the same place. Avoid application in the eye area.
External Use
Keep in cool and dry place away from children

Do not pierce or burn after use Keep away from heat sources. Do not smoke during use. Do not inhale the spray.

Package -Content
75 ml