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Face Suncare
SKU 29215

Rilastil MD PPT Fluid SPF100+, 75ml


Rilastil MD PPT Fluid SPF100+ is a liquid protective emulsion of very high sunscreen, suitable for the prevention and limitation of damage caused by sun exposure, especially for people with sensitive and reactive skin and open phototypes.
With sunscreen filters SPF UVB 131-UVA 53.

• Ensures a wide range of UVB-UVA radiation protection
• Prevents the appearance of burns, spots and solar erythema
• Protects skin against premature ageing of cells (Pro-Dna Complex ®)
• Hydrates the skin (hyaluronic acid)
• It is waterproof

Checked for nickel, cobalt, chromium, palladium and mercury.
Contains no parabens, fragrances, pigments, wheat derivatives

Sunscreen emulsion, very high protection, sensitive skin.

For external use only.
Store Rilastil MD PPT Fluid SPF100+ in a shady and cool place, away from children.

* Less than 1 ppm each. Small amounts may be responsible for skin sensitization.

Made in Italy

75 ml (2.54 fl. oz.)

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