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Face Suncare
SKU 31054

Version BB Acne SPF 30


Version BB Acne SPF 30

Version BB Acne SPF 30 

Acne treatment, anti-wrinkle face cream and sunscreen, the only one containing lutein. Oil-free, for acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin.


Anti-acne face cream with a unique triple combination of sun protection, antioxidant action against digital aging (blue light) and ultimate matte coverage.

• Makes skin look younger by improving it’s elasticity

• Soothes immediately, in just 15 minutes

• Reduces the size of dilated skin pores by almost 50%

• Fights inflammation and associated redness

•  Increases collagen production

• Improves skin density and firmness
• Regulates sebum and redacts shine

BB ACNE SOLAIRE 30SPF, hydrates, retains water molecules and releases them according to specific skin’s needs