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Bioderma Promo: Photoderm SPF30 Spray 200ml + Gift Atoderm Shower Gel 100ml


Photoderm Promo of Bioderma with Face-Body Sunscreen Sunscreen and Gentle Soapless Shower Gel.
> Bioderma Photoderm SPF 30 Spray 200ml
Face-to-Face sunscreen emulsion with a unique combination of UVA / UVB sunscreen filters and Cellular Bioprotection, a protective shield and source of energy for skin cells. Soft, non-greasy texture, easy to apply to the skin. Ideal for the whole family.
Without Parabens, non-smoking and hypoallergenic, even suitable for sensitive skin.

> Atoderm Shower Gel 100ml
Gentle, soapless soapy bath for everyday use that respects delicate skin. With a composition containing the Skin Protect complex with dual biological activity:
- Enhances the level of hydration of the skin
- It replenishes the lipids giving the skin permanent protection.
Its particularly soft texture respects the balance of the epidermis.
More durable, the epidermis regains its softness and elasticity from the first application.
With rich and discreetly flavored foam, it gives a pleasant sense of well-being.
Ideal for the whole family.

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