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Ducray Melascreen UV Duo Creme Riche Spf50+, 2x40ml


Ducray Melascreen UV Duo Creme Riche Spf50+, 2x40ml

dual action cream
against brown spots and photo aging on your skin.
Skin type: dry skin

To lighten the skin, to homogenize the color and reduce discoloration, the dermatological laboratories Ducray designed the Melascreen protection program
It reduces and reduces facial hyperpigmentation associated with sun

Before exposure to the sun, evenly apply adequate amount: about 5-6 doses for the face, décolletage 9-10 doses 1-2 doses in the hand back.
The reduction of the applied amount in relation to the recommended reduces protection. regularly update the application, especially after swimming, sweating and wiping especially where strong sunshine.

Do not use 12 months after its opening
For external use only, keep the product in a shady and cool place, away from children
Produced in France
Content: 2 packs with 40 ml each

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