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Intermed Luxurious Sun Care Promo:Hair Protection Spray 200ml + Hair Sea Mist 200ml


Intermed Luxurious Sun Care Promo *: Luxurious Sun Care hair Protection Spray 200ml with hair Sea Mist, 200ml. Includes:

Luxurious Sun Care Hair Protection Spray 200ml-sunscreen spray for hair.
The Luxurious Sun Care hair protection Spray, with keratin, pre-vitamin B5, vitamin E, UV protection and technology that locks the color, provides protection to your hair from the sun, while nourishes and softens them, strengthens the hair, while the oils from Chamomile and Abyssinia offer unsurpassed shine.

Shake well and spray along the hair on dry hair or wet hair. No rinsing needed.

Together with:

Luxurious Hair Sea Mist 200ml-sea Mist for wavy hair.
The Luxurious hair Sea Mist with aloe vera, keratin and pre-vitamin B5 offers wavy beach hair, giving the volume and texture you want, while at the same time caring the hair and giving it nourishment.

Sprinkle on fresh or dry hair tsalakwnontas lightly with your hand.

*This promotion offer is valid while Supplies Last

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