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SKU 27562

Intermed Luxurius Santorini Suncare Kit


Santorini Travel Kit-Promo Pack with 5 special Sun protective products size, comprise:

I) Cream SPF30 Sunscreen-sun cream (75ml)
Action 3 in 1: Reliable sun protection, skin Regeneration, Rich moisturisation. With hyaluronic acid, a specific combination of UV filters and vitamin e.
II) Sun Care Body Cooling Gel Face &-Hydration & regeneration after the Sun, for face and body (75ml)
Provides lasting and deep hydration and activates the natural regenerative and healing ability. Drastically protects from free radicals and helps soothe dry and worn out skin. Soothes from irritations, redness and burning sensations.
III) Sun Face Care Body Hydrating Antioxidant Mist -Hydration & regeneration after the Sun, for face and body (50ml)
Delivers deep and lasting hydration and activates the skin''s natural ability to regenerate and heal. Stimulates dry and tired skin. Relieves mikroerethismoys, burning sensation and erythema.
IV) Sun Care Tanning SPF6 Oil with Vitamins A + E-Dry oil for bright and fast Tan (50ml)
It has a silky formula that gives an in-depth hydration in the skin and offers intense, fast-paced and Golden Tan.
V) Cream SPF50 Face-Suncare sun protection for the person (40ml)
High sun protection and broad-spectrum cream for face, with vitamin e and hyaluronic acid.