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Synchroline Base Cream

Product code: 8612
Synchroline Base Cream

SYNCHROBASE BASE, is an emulsion Oleosomes, for cosmetic use and preparing various extemporaneous preparations. Technology Oleosomes extend and enhance the cosmetic effect of raw materials and active ingredients on the official formula. Suitable for children's skin hydration.

The products are sophisticated SYNCHROBASE emulsions on child care.
They contain preservatives such as parabens, imidazolidinyl urea, methylisotiazolinone chloride (kathon CG).

Technology Oleosomes: strengthens and extends the effect of cosmetic raw materials and active ingredients in galenic preparations.

Spread easily and absorbed quickly without leaving greasy or sticky feeling on the skin.

It is odorless.

They can be used in galenic preparations for the transfer, hydrophilic, lipophilic and electrolytic substances, acid and alkali, antibiotics and antiseptics, etc.

* Official formula: prepared according to the pharmacy on prescription.



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