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UniPharma D3 Fix 800iu + K2 45μg 60Tabs

Product code: 30142
UniPharma D3 Fix 800iu + K2 45μg 60Tabs

Vitamin D3 is produced by photoolytic action of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. The modern way of life and inadequate exposure to UV rays, results in a lack of vitamin D3, which must be taken due to food. Vitamin D3 has an essential role in maintaining the homeostasis of calcium and phosphorus and maintaining the health of bones and teeth. At the same time vitamin D3 is involved in the metabolism of tissues and its presence in sufficient quantities is essential for the differentiation of cells and the preservation of membrane functionality, as well as for the operation of various organs such as skin, The muscles, the pancreas, the nerves, the immune system and the parathyroid gland.
Taking vitamin D in our body leads to the creation of proteins, which their action depends on vitamin K2, and contribute to better transport of calcium to the bones. If there is no K2 in our system, Ostecalsine becomes inert and calcium circulates freely in our bloodstream. Vitamin K2 is particularly important for strengthening bones and maintaining clean areas, such as arteries and soft tissues from the eve of excess calcium. Vitamin K along with the vitamin in UniPharma D3 Fix 800iu + K2 45μg D significantly increase bone density, compared only to vitamin K.
Each tablet UniPharma D3 Fix 800iu + K2 45μg contains:
Vitamin D3:20 μg
Vitamin K2 Μk-4 45 μg

Dietary supplement, vitamin D3, vitamin K2.

60 tablets

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