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Tol Velvet Foot Powder 70g

Product code: 8842
Tol Velvet Foot Powder 70g

Natural starch powder for feet & shoes with antifungal activity
The Tol Velvet Foot Powder is a natural starch powder with antiseptic ingredients that combats sweat, odor and chapped and effectively exempt from the phenomenon Athlete's foot.
Absorbs sweat and unpleasant odors
The natural starch powder absorbs moisture and prevents unnecessary to create conditions for the growth of microorganisms. It also absorbs sweat and odor, aromatizing pleasant walk & shoes, without the "muddy."
Protects feet & shoes from fungi
Mild antiseptic agents (Tea Tree Oil, Zinc Undecylenate) prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. The derivative allantoin (Alcloxa) regulates the secretion of sweat, offers soothing and mild bacteriostatic activity.

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