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Vichy Dercos Energisant Conditioner 150ml

Product code: 26346
Vichy Dercos Energisant Conditioner 150ml

Vichy Dercos Energisant 150ml

The Vichy Dercos Energisant 150ml is a conditioner suitable for hair care and is an ideal Conditioner against hair loss. Leaving a pleasant texture restores vitality to the hair as it is the only Conditioner containing the rich and active composition exclusive molecule against hair loss and is suitable and ideal for men and women with hair loss problem. It is a product of ten years of research while accompanied by two patented inventions. It has proven results compared to placebo, while combat hardening of collagen fibers in order to keep the elasticity and softness of the tissues surrounding the root so as to help it stabilize.
Vichy Laboratories to offer the Energizing Conditioner Vichy Dercos Energisant 150ml as an ideal supplement to treatment against hair loss. Get back more durable and strong hair from roots to ends.

Product details:
Features a hypoallergenic formula, do not contain paraben and proven efficacy under dermatological control.

Contains: 150ml


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