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Colostrum is the mother''s first-hour maternal milk delivered to her child by the mother and is the first valuable nutrient. It has an unsurpassed composition that is more nutritious than common milk because it contains a high quality concentration of essential and essential nutrients.
Independent medical studies have shown that Colostrum:
♦ Accelerates the renewal of injured muscles, bones, cartilage, neural tissue and collagen.
♦ Accelerates the healing of surgical wounds, burns, cuts, abrasions and irritated lips.
♦ Improves the burning of fat during the diet.
♦ Reduces general infections and pains, gingivitis, toothache after dental treatments, tooth sensitivity.
♦ Helps strengthen weak muscles and maintain strong muscles.
♦ Adjusts blood sugar levels and chemical brain substances and ensures increased concentration and alertness.
♦ Helps regulate chemical "wellness substances" in the brain, thus increasing our mood.
The capsules with "VioGenesis" colostrum are truly unique and distinct because: They come from organic colostrum, and from the first and second milking VioGenesis colostrum is treated with microfiltration and lyophilization, basic procedures that ensure quality, purity , its bioavailability and its potency and ensure that the product you have in your hands maintains its organoleptic characteristics and its active ingredients.

Food supplement, Organic colostrum.

Take 3 capsules daily with water.

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120 capsules.