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Waterfall D-Mannose 50 disks Alternative option for UTIs

Product code: 17322
Sweet Cures
Waterfall D-Mannose 50 disks Alternative option for UTIs

A''sweet, alternative for UTIs.

Natural extract from pine with a molecular formula C6H12O6, clean poly-saccharide is recommended even for children. It has external properties in persistent chronic inflammation of E. Coli (Escherichia coli) in the urinary system and is 10 times stronger than red berries (juice).

Action: The interior of the bladder (endothelial cells) consists of polysaccharide molecules. The epithelium of the urinary bladder was''sticking,, shackled coliform with small filaments have, multiply and begin infection. (Kystitis, etc.).

The D-Mannose does not adhere to the coliform bacteria in the bladder wall, causing inflammation thus eliminated in the urine during urination.

It is known that in urinary tract infections, doctors are powerful broad spectrum antibiotics. But this often leads to destruction and extinction of flora (''friendly''bacteria) and the development of inflammation in other fungi.

1. Natural product
2. Taking oral (solvent / water-only juice)
3. taken safely by children and patients with diabetes mellitus. (check sugar)
4. Immediate response to therapy treatment (24 hours withdrawal symptoms
5. No side effects
6. Taken for long periods

Packaging 50disks X 1gr
Administered orally with water, tea or juice.

a) the first two (2) days 2-3 disks every 3(three) hours

b) the coming days
1 disk 3 (three) times a day

After each shot, wait 45-60 minutes and then drink enough water to achieve high diuresis.


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